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Alaska | Onshore Rift Basins
Nenana and Yukon Flats

Alaska Onshore Rift Basins

  • Nenana and Yukon Flats
  • Multiple sub-basins in each area
1.8 million total acres (750,000 hectares) offered by Doyon, Limited
  • 400,000 acres at Nenana
  • 1.4 million acres in Yukon Flats
  • Large contiguous acreage blocks

These are under-explored basins with possibilities for giant fields near roads, rail, major power transmission lines, refineries and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.

Recent drilling at Nenana revealed substantial intervals (>200 ft.) of immature oil prone source rocks that plunge into the basin "kitchen".

Doyon has established an on line data room as well as an Anchorage, Alaska data room populated with recent and heritage seismic, drilling, other geophysics (gravity and magnetic) and surface geochemistry from shallow drill cores in uplands and lake bed piston cores. These data and interpretations are either owned by Doyon or licensed.

Completed exploration programs in 2013 include a vertical and sidetrack well at South Nenana and 52 square miles of 3D seismic in the Stevens Village sub-basin of the Yukon Flats. The recent Nunivak #2 and #2 ST well (Doyon 2013, TD 8,667 ft/2,642 m), although uncommercial, further proved the presence of a thermogenic wet gas system, encountering excellent quality reservoir sands, some with residual wet gas, competent top seals and source rocks actively expelling gases.

The State of Alaska has several exploration incentive programs, including one initiated in 2012 for frontier areas which grants direct cash rebates averaging up to 65% of seismic and drilling costs in frontier basins. In 2012, the State also capped oil production taxes for each new field in these frontier basins at not greater than 4% of the gross wellhead value for a deemed payback period of 7 years.

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Doyon holds Nenana acreage under 78 seven-year State of Alaska lease tracts (2012 and 2013 starts).

  • Working interest positions available up to 70%
  • Operator preferred

Yukon Flats minerals owned in fee by Doyon.

  • Conventional lessor/lessee deals sought

Opportunities available to take basin wide positions or on limited sub-basin basis.